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Our People & Values

Our mission is to pay everybody on time every time, correctly.

We all work to the same six key values.

  • Customers are key
  • We are a team
  • We are people people
  • Compliance is our law
  • We are professional
  • It’s all about efficiency

New Business Team

Gemma   01932 334440   

I joined Unitum in 2010 and I am the team leader within the Sales team here. I have a financial/sales background in previous roles.
Before working in Sales, I worked as an Account Manager within the Unitum Brands, so I have a hands on understanding of the entire process.
If you want a detailed calculation and chat about how Umbrella companies work please give me a call on 01932 33 44 40!

Shen   01932 334451   

I have over 10 years sales and customer service experience and have recently joined Atlantic Umbrella as a New Business Account Manager.
My role is to focus on bringing new contractors on board and establishing profound working relationships with all of our recruitment agencies.
I am completely customer focused and strive to build and maintain relationships.
Please feel free to give me a call so I can explain how Atlantic, a compliant, reputable company could benefit you.

Account Managers

A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to look after you from the moment you join us.

The more you understand, the better things work and the happier you will be.

We will look after you from day one; explaining how to submit your timesheets and expenses and how to use your online portal.

Christina   01932 334449   

I’ve always worked in customer focused roles and I enjoy building relationships with clients and colleagues. My main focus here at Atlantic Umbrella is to ensure that all contractors get paid on time, I look forward to achieving this goal and working with you.

Lianne   01932 334441   

Contractors come to Atlantic to get paid in an efficient and correct manor, my main focus is to ensure that all of my contractors receive the best levels of customer service and are kept abreast of any developments in the industry that might affect them. I take time to get to know my contractors and I thoroughly enjoy my job here at Atlantic Umbrella.

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