Increase in number of workers who see skills shortages as a threat to their organisationsAtlantic Umbrella

15 January 2015 Category Uncategorized
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A new study by the global human capital management service provider ADP has found that 50% of UK workers see skills shortages as a significant threat to their organisations. The report indicates that many organisations are still trying to recover from cutbacks made during the recession and are losing out in the struggle to attract top talent. 50% of the workers surveyed believed that a lack of recruitment was responsible for the talent shortage, which is a major rise on the 37% recorded in 2013; meanwhile, 46% blamed a lack of investment in training and development. More than one-third (38%) reported a drain on talent as a threat, with skilled colleagues jumping ship to other organisations. This is a substantial rise on the 26% who cited this issue in 2013. 29% consider the loss of talent to overseas employers as a threat, which is also appreciably higher than the 18% recorded in the previous survey. The latter issue was especially marked in the IT sector, where the figure rose to 40%. 53% of the IT professionals polled also saw an influx of overseas rivals into the UK as a significant threat. ADP UK’s HR director, Annabel Jones, said: “With new opportunities on the rise, employees will undoubtedly start looking around for pastures new, so it’s crucial to dedicate time to motivating, engaging and rewarding them effectively, so they feel appreciated and challenged where they are.” One option not mentioned in the report is for hirers to plug their talent shortages flexibly, appointing skilled Umbrella Company employees and others from the UK’s professional contracting community.