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SDDC is the next big thing for the IT industry, but most IT pros don’t understand it

by Alan Little

25 August 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees specialising in the field of IT contracting may need to brush up on their knowledge of how software-defined datacentres (SDDC) work […]

SMEs are leaving insufficient time for pension auto-enrolment, new survey finds

by Alan Little

22 August 2014, Comments 0

A new survey suggests that many SMEs are leaving less than half the advised preparation time for their auto-enrolment staging dates. Tens of thousands […]

Fast progression and top rates: why UK construction contractors are heading to the Gulf

by Alan Little

21 August 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella Company employees with experience of senior management roles in the construction industry are facing unprecedented contracting opportunities in the Gulf, the international professional […]

REC says employers still want contractors and young people with good attitudes

by Alan Little

20 August 2014, Comments 0

Demand for umbrella company employees and other temporary/contracting staff continues to hold up impressively, although young people are at last finding their job prospects […]

Scottish contractors see demand reach highest point since January, while pay rates climb sharply

by Alan Little

19 August 2014, Comments 0

The number of billings for temporary/contracting staff in Scotland accelerated again in July to reach the fastest pace since January, while hourly pay rates […]