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Workplace pensions are “becoming the norm” as auto-enrolment passes four million milestone

by Alan Little

18 August 2014, Comments 0

With many thousands of UK SMEs ‒ including numerous umbrella companies ‒ facing the pensions auto-enrolment staging dates in the months ahead, newly-released official […]

Professional jobs and contracts recover vigorously in Ireland

by Alan Little

15 August 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella company employees contracting in pharmaceutical, financial services and IT in Ireland saw demand for their talents rise vigorously last month, according to the […]

NHS must welcome agency nurses into their NHS teams, says REC

by Alan Little

14 August 2014, Comments 0

Nurses working in the NHS as umbrella company employees can rely on the support of the REC’s Health and Social Care division, which has […]

July sees increase in IT contractor shortage

by Alan Little

13 August 2014, Comments 0

The shortage in the UK IT contractor market has increased during July to become greater than that in the permanent market. This fact was […]

PCG’s Women’s Freelance Network to reproduce its sell-out success in London across the UK

by Alan Little

12 August 2014, Comments 0

The PCG-created Women’s Freelance Network has met with resounding, sell-out success after launching in Central London last month and is now bringing events to […]