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London’s thriving tech sector will create 46,000 new jobs and contracts over the next ten years

by Alan Little

18 June 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees specialising in IT contracting may decide to move closer to the capital over the next few years in the light of […]

As UK employers confront skills shortages, visa restrictions may drive them overseas

by Alan Little

17 June 2014, Comments 0

Many employers turn to Umbrella Company Employees and other skilled independent professionals from the UK’s contracting community when they need business-critical projects completed with […]

The first Global Workshop on Freelancing and iPros meets in London

by Alan Little

16 June 2014, Comments 0

With new campaigns such as the European manifesto being launched to push for greater recognition of professional contracting amongst Europe’s social policy-makers, the PCG […]

40% of SMEs see auto-enrolment as the biggest challenge ahead

by Alan Little

13 June 2014, Comments 0

With thousands of small- and medium-sized enterprises ? including numerous Umbrella Companies ? now facing imminent staging dates for workforce pensions auto-enrolment, a new […]

Latest ONS labour market figures show self-employment is “the future of work”, says PCG

by Alan Little

12 June 2014, Comments 0

New labour market figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that unemployment fell again between February and April this year, dropping to […]