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Will your next contracting assignment begin with a video interview?

by Alan Little

25 February 2014, Comments 0

The recent flooding in the UK has prevented many job applicants from attending interviews, including Umbrella Company Employees seeking new contracting opportunities. With large […]

Will oil and gas contractors prosper from booming employer confidence?

by Alan Little

24 February 2014, Comments 0

Oil and gas engineers contracting as Umbrella Company Employees will find themselves in high demand and richly rewarded as employers plan to increase headcounts […]

CIPD warns that latest ONS Labour Market Statistics indicate “productivity hangover”

by Alan Little

21 February 2014, Comments 0

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) has warned that employment growth and pay for permanent staff and the self-employed more generally will […]

Demand for contractors and permies returns to pre-recession levels in Scotland

by Alan Little

18 February 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees and other independent professionals contracting north of the border continued to see demand for their services grow sharply in January as […]

How looking for cheap red shoes can help contractors to write killer CVs

by Alan Little

17 February 2014, Comments 0

For most jobbing Umbrella Company Employees, the link between CV writing and buying cheap red shoes is tenuous, to say the least; however, PCG […]