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NEST study shows majority of employers failed to anticipate complexity of auto-enrolment

by Alan Little

29 January 2014, Comments 0

New research from the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has found that a majority of the first employers to automatically enrol their workers into […]

London is creating a brain drain in the rest of the UK, new study reveals

by Alan Little

28 January 2014, Comments 0

Highly-skilled independent professionals who freelance as Umbrella Company Employees may have found themselves converging on London to pick up new contracting assignments; however, a […]

The West Midlands is the UK’s job creation capital

by Alan Little

27 January 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees hoping for an excess of contracting opportunities in 2014 might do well to consider a move to the West Midlands: according […]

Robert Half predicts big new financial services recruitment drive for IT, accounting and finance pros

by Alan Little

22 January 2014, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees specialising in IT, finance and accounting are on course to see new contracting opportunities in the UK’s financial services sector, according […]

SMEs outstrip large firms for hiring confidence in 2014

by Alan Little

21 January 2014, Comments 0

Independent professionals contracting as Umbrella Company Employees may well find that the country’s SMEs will be offering more new assignments this year than their […]