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Government to tackle tax avoidance by self-employed

by Alan Little

4 December 2013, Comments 0

There is little prospect of the government showing the remotest inclination to relax its continuing clampdown on tax avoidance, with recent news reports suggesting […]

Q3 2013: European contractor market is reversing Q2’s decline

by Alan Little

3 December 2013, Comments 0

Newly-released figures from the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Eurociett) reveal that the number of hours worked by Umbrella Company Employees and agency […]

Demand for skilled contractors climbs impressively throughout the UK

by Alan Little

2 December 2013, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees and other skilled professional freelancers have seen contracting assignments soar across the UK’s regions, a new survey reveals. The latest quarterly […]

Demand for oil and gas contractors soars but skills shortages still threaten growth

by Alan Little

29 November 2013, Comments 0

Demand for oil and gas engineers contracting through Umbrella Companies or otherwise freelancing has reached an all-time high but skills shortages are impeding growth […]

More UK firms outsource IT to independent contractors

by Alan Little

28 November 2013, Comments 0

Independent IT pros contracting as Umbrella Company Employees are likely to see more opportunities coming their way as more UK firms turn to IT […]