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Leading recruitment expert calls on government to revise immigration and education policies to forestall “worrying” skills shortage

by Alan Little

6 November 2013, Comments 0

Another leading industry expected has underlined the potentially perilous effects on the UK economy of the growing skills shortage and has called on the […]

Engineering skills training gets a £49 million government boost as BIS scientific officer issues “call to action” report

by Alan Little

5 November 2013, Comments 0

Professor John Perkins, the chief scientific adviser to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), has produced a probing analysis of the UK’s […]

Government contemplates cap on excessive auto-enrolment pension charges

by Alan Little

4 November 2013, Comments 0

With thousands of SMEs – amongst them numerous Umbrella Companies – preparing to meet their auto-enrolment staging dates over the next few months, the […]

Professional Passport responds to government proposals on offshore Umbrella Companies with new compliance verification

by Alan Little

1 November 2013, Comments 0

Professional Passport has responded to the government’s updated proposals on Offshore Employment Intermediaries by formally confirming the tax compliance of all the onshore Umbrella […]

Want to boost your prospects? Use LinkedIn creatively, says prominent HR director

by Alan Little

31 October 2013, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees and others seeking new roles are turning their backs on “a magic key” capable of opening thousands of doors to new […]