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Self-employed borrowers looked on more favourably by lenders

by Alan Little

20 August 2013, Comments 0

In the past, Umbrella Company Employees, like many self-employed or contracted workers, have been viewed with caution by most high street lenders. Self-certification was […]

Office of Tax Simplification calls for modernisation of tax law

by Alan Little

19 August 2013, Comments 0

In a recent report looking at UK taxation, the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) suggests major revisions are called for in many areas of […]

HM Treasury becomes first Whitehall department to announce an end to outsourcing mega-deals for IT services

by Alan Little

15 August 2013, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees contracting as IT pros may find doors opening at HM Treasury, which has become the first Whitehall department to publicly declare […]

Auto-enrolment opt-out is low but likely to rise, warns pensions expert

by Alan Little

13 August 2013, Comments 0

Official figures released by the DWP reveal that the opt-out rate for auto-enrolment is considerably lower than estimated at less than 10%; however, a […]

New mothers returning to work after maternity leave want much greater flexibility, new poll finds

by Alan Little

8 August 2013, Comments 0

83% of women relinquish their full-time status to take up part-time or flexible working roles when they return to work after maternity leave, according […]