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Government targets disguised employment amongst LLPs in latest tax clampdown

by Alan Little

29 May 2013, Comments 0

A consultation process has been launched by the government to tighten two aspects of the tax rules: the misuse of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) […]

Will contracting become the dominant employment model in IT and telecoms?

by Alan Little

28 May 2013, Comments 0

The assumption that contracting is on course to become the dominant employment model in the IT and telecoms industries may be more complicated than […]

Will Umbrella Company techies benefit from new government IT outsourcing rules?

by Alan Little

27 May 2013, Comments 0

A significant shake up in the procurement of outsourced IT functionality by government departments is underway after a best practise update from Whitehall. Departmental […]

Progress on security clearance for prospective contractors in public sector

by Alan Little

24 May 2013, Comments 0

The jobbing Umbrella Company Employee looking for public sector assignments occasionally comes up against a formidable barrier: several government departments demand pre-existing security clearance […]

Dedicated MSC compliance unit boosts HMRC’s debt recovery coffers as tax avoidance clampdown gathers momentum

by Alan Little

21 May 2013, Comments 0

Powers of debt transfer granted under managed service company (MSC) legislation are being deployed vigorously by HMRC, which has announced that it has already […]