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European Commission launches ‘grand coalition’ to tackle the growing shortfall in IT skills

by Alan Little

8 March 2013, Comments 0

A ‘grand coalition’ to tackle Europe’s growing IT skills shortages has been launched by the European Commission. The EU’s competitiveness is under threat unless […]

Higher rate taxpayers urged to claim back overpaid tax before it is too late

by Alan Little

7 March 2013, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees who pay higher tax rates may want to take heed of some urgent advice from the accountancy and investment management group […]

Lloyds study predicts 34,000 new oil and gas jobs over the next two years

by Alan Little

6 March 2013, Comments 0

A new study by Lloyds Banking Group predicts a 34,000-strong jobs bonanza in the oil and gas industry over the next two years, with […]

Changes to employment regulations may unleash a wave of litigation over outsourced staff, warns legal specialist

by Alan Little

5 March 2013, Comments 0

The government may unleash a “wave of litigation” through its proposed changes to employment regulations, the commercial law firm EMW has warned. The government […]

PCG hits out at name-and-shame ‘publicity stunt’ by HMRC and calls for root and branch reform

by Alan Little

4 March 2013, Comments 0

While most Umbrella Company Employees have little sympathy for tax cheats, with everyone who works through Umbrella Services paying tax and NICs on a […]