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Wealthy tax avoidance promoters are running rings around the Revenue, says Margaret Hodge

by Alan Little

28 February 2013, Comments 0

The chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, has made a blistering attack on professional promoters of tax avoidance schemes, accusing them of […]

Fears of triple-dip recession have not dented employer confidence, says latest REC survey

by Alan Little

27 February 2013, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees who fear that a triple-dip recession may cause assignment availability to dry up may be being unduly nervous: the latest REC […]

REC membership gives its verdict on reform of Conduct Regulations

by Alan Little

26 February 2013, Comments 0

With the closure of the consultation period for the reform of the Conduct Regulations fast approaching, the REC has gathered the views of its […]

Businesses must do more to keep up with employee preferences for flexible working, new study concludes

by Alan Little

25 February 2013, Comments 0

With rising numbers of Umbrella Company Employees in the UK pioneering the benefits of flexible working, it may come as a surprise to find […]

Tax dodging government service suppliers to be banned from further public sector contracts

by Alan Little

22 February 2013, Comments 0

Before the Public Accounts Committee sharpens its knives in preparation for dissecting the tax arrangements of several big-name government IT suppliers, the Treasury and […]