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Tax dodging government service suppliers to be banned from further public sector contracts

by Alan Little

22 February 2013, Comments 0

Before the Public Accounts Committee sharpens its knives in preparation for dissecting the tax arrangements of several big-name government IT suppliers, the Treasury and […]

Contradictory findings on the state of the IT jobs market emerge

by Alan Little

21 February 2013, Comments 0

65% of IT professionals feel secure in their current position and 39% intend to look for new roles in 2013. This rather buoyant finding […]

Major IT security projects drive huge demand for IT security skills, says Acumin

by Alan Little

20 February 2013, Comments 0

New research by the IT recruitment specialist Acumin identifies a series of skill areas where pay rates are rising because of that escalating interplay […]

HMRC will hit its target of ten times more IR35 investigations in 2013

by Alan Little

19 February 2013, Comments 0

The three new IR35 compliance teams set up by HMRC in Croydon, Manchester and Edinburgh are on course to increase their investigations by a […]

Three-quarters of UK IT departments expect budgets to grow in 2013, new survey finds

by Alan Little

18 February 2013, Comments 0

A worldwide survey of 3,282 IT managers suggests that UK IT departments are planning to increase their IT spend in 2013, even though the […]