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Judge upholds Swedish Derogation model

by Alan Little

14 January 2013, Comments 0

Contractors who work as employees of Umbrella Companies will be interested in a recent employment tribunal decision that upholds the Swedish Derogation model in […]

European unemployment climbs

by Alan Little

11 January 2013, Comments 0

With the latest REC/KPMG Report on Jobs showing five consecutive months of sustained demand for the UK’s contracting community, jobbing Umbrella Company Employees might […]

Umbrella Company Employees are safe as MSC investigations soar

by Alan Little

10 January 2013, Comments 0

Freelancers working through well-regulated PAYE Umbrella Companies have good reason to feel secure today as evidence emerges of a renewed Revenue clampdown on Managed […]

Network rail may be looking for Umbrella Company techies with new £333 million IT investment

by Alan Little

9 January 2013, Comments 0

IT experts working through Umbrella Companies may find a plethora of work assignments opening up with Network Rail over the next few years, as […]

HMRC launches rogues gallery of tax cheats

by Alan Little

8 January 2013, Comments 0

It is a little galling for hardworking PAYE Umbrella Company Employees to be reminded about the sheer extent of tax dishonesty in the UK, […]