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Tech contractors to see surge in new opportunities in London as activity shifts from financial services

by Alan Little

16 November 2012, Comments 0

Umbrella Company Employees who specialise in media, internet and creative industries are facing a jobs bonanza in London, as the centre of economic gravity […]

New labour market trends suggest more opportunities for contractors

by Alan Little

15 November 2012, Comments 0

More encouraging news about recruitment activity has been emerging over the last few days from several sources, indicating that Umbrella Company Employees are unlikely […]

Too many contractors and freelancers are neglecting their pensions, new study suggests

by Alan Little

12 November 2012, Comments 0

New research from the Prudential Group suggests that almost a third of people on self-employed payroll in the UK – including employees of Umbrella […]

BBC to issue staff contracts to freelancers after tax review

by Alan Little

8 November 2012, Comments 0

More than 800 on-air freelancers at the BBC will have their contracts reviewed following an investigation by BBC auditors and the accountancy firm Deloitte. […]

Why UK recruiters and employers should use homegrown Umbrella Services: the scandal of offshore tax avoidance

by Alan Little

5 November 2012, Comments 0

Recruiters and employers who use offshore Umbrella Companies could find themselves facing eye-watering bills for unpaid national insurance contributions, HMRC has warned. The Revenue […]