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REC/KPMG Report on Jobs shows rate of decline in contractor jobs eases in July

by Alan Little

8 August 2012, Comments 0

It is unlikely to persuade many PAYE umbrella contractors to break open the champagne but the latest REC/KPMG Report on Jobs is at least […]

In a turbulent employment market contractor hiring is “faring very well

by Alan Little

3 August 2012, Comments 0

Contractors working through umbrella companies and limited companies alike will be cheered to hear that the temporary and interim market is faring surprisingly well, […]

Major changes emerge in the IT skills landscape

by Alan Little

27 July 2012, Comments 0

Contractors working through umbrella companies in the IT skills market may have noticed a substantial change in the proficiencies employers have been looking for […]

As unemployment grows, the UKs contractor workforce expands

by Alan Little

25 July 2012, Comments 0

The post-2008 economic devastation has unleashed a surge of resourcefulness amongst some of its casualties, with the number of people freelancing or contracting through […]

Private sector demand for IT contractors rises as more firms invest in new technologies

by Alan Little

24 July 2012, Comments 0

The UK’s IT contracting community may be suffering lean times in the public sector but the good news is that British businesses are recruiting […]