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Contractors benefitting as clients ”search for talent”

by Alan Little

14 February 2011, Comments 0

A growth in optimism for the UK”s economy could be good news for contractors looking for work. Contractors who are thinking about venturing into […]

Female contractors: IT skills always attractive

by Alan Little

11 February 2011, Comments 0

Females have been told that demand for services is going to grow. Female contractors have been told that IT skills are always going to […]

Contractors teaming up for successful public sector bids

by Alan Little

10 February 2011, Comments 0

One-person outfits are joining up with others to win pitches. Contractors looking to secure public sector bids have been told to consider joining forces […]

Contractors warned over tax fraudsters

by Alan Little

9 February 2011, Comments 0

Contractors are being told about phishing emails with a promise of tax refunds. Phishing emails promising tax rebates should not be opened or responded […]

Prospective contractors ”need to prepare early”

by Alan Little

8 February 2011, Comments 0

Future prospects still have not sunk in for those at university. University students hoping to be contractors when they graduate have been told that […]