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Contractors ”can claim travel expenses to temporary workplaces”

by Alan Little

20 August 2010, Comments 0

Travel and subsistence claims can be made by contractors labouring in a temporary workplace. Those contractors who are working in what is classified as […]

Card payment security issues ”could see rise in contractor opportunities”

by Alan Little

19 August 2010, Comments 0

IT contractor opportunities could rise due to a growth in card payment security issues. Firms that accept card payments online are increasingly being stung […]

Contractors ”must avoid errant clauses and liabilities”

by Alan Little

18 August 2010, Comments 0

Analyse a client”s terms and conditions before starting work, contractors have been told. Contractors who are preparing to work on new projects should ensure […]

Contractors ”may have more luck in the private sector”

by Alan Little

17 August 2010, Comments 0

The private sector may offer contractors more opportunities. Contractors looking for new job opportunities should turn to the private sector, a leading organisation has […]

IR35 replacement legislation ”must be clearer and more certain”

by Alan Little

16 August 2010, Comments 0

Clarity and certainty are two key areas that any replacement for IR35 must offer. Any replacement to IR35 legislation is likely to be designed […]