PAYE Umbrella Services For Contractors | Atlantic Umbrella

Our Services for Contractors

Atlantic Umbrella is a PAYE employment-based Umbrella Company providing employment to you while you work as an independent contractor under temporary contracts.

Atlantic Umbrella gives you the freedom to move between contracts, agencies and clients while looking after your rights and processing your tax and national insurance.

Our team has close relations with numerous recruitment agencies and will take time to talk you through how we work with your agency and how we can help you. Whether you are new to contracting or an old hand, we are the very best people to explain exactly what we do, how it works and how that can help you.

Talk to us about your options and whether Atlantic Umbrella is the right choice for you. If it is, we’ll explain exactly what we need from you to get started and what you should then expect from us.

Key Benefits

  • No joining or leaving fees
  • A fast, transparent and paper-free registration process
  • Payments are made to you via BACS on the same day that we receive funds from your agency
  • We calculate your pay and tax and national insurance contributions, taking into account your legitimate expenses to help reduce the tax you pay
  • A full set of professional indemnity, employers liability and public liability insurances to work safely and legally
  • Secure online access to your account 24/7


Additional Benefits

  • A personal account manager to look after you from day one
  • Access to a personal financial planner
  • Eligibility to join our portable personal pension scheme
  • Contractor news updates

What else should you know about us?

We are legally compliant and have external audit standards to prove it from Professional Passport.

We operate under an HMRC-issued expenses dispensation. Contact us to find out more about our expenses dispensation and policy.