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What Our Customers Said in 2014



Zoe has continuously provided exceptional customer service over a number of years to my contractors. My contracts do not like to be sold to and prefer a consultative approach and that is what zoe offers. From a account manager perspective she is great in dealing with any issues that may arise and is completely understanding of the pressures recruitment consultants face. A true business partner who delivers on time always!



Working in the fast paced area of IT Recruitment, there are many hurdles we encounter and have to negotiate. Thankfully, when it comes to helping out with umbrella services, Lucy is the one I continue to refer. She is, in my opinion, the best in the business as she is always upbeat and continues to provide excellent customer service on every occasion. She is always true to her word, when she says she will do something or call someone, it is always done within the agreed timescale and with complete professionalism. As always, highly recommended!

Rob Smith, Vertex IT Solutions

Since joining Atlantic I have a peace of mind, easy and simple to submit receipts, more money I received in my salary comparing to my previous umbrella company. I am happy and fully satisfied with Atlantic services, when I get another contract I am not thinking twice to have Atlantic again.


Sanjay is a fantastic Account Manager, and answered every question and sorted out every request I had promptly and very efficiently!


The process of joining is quick and simple and the web portal is easy to use and laid out in clear and concise way and any issues I have are quickly seen too.


I will consider Atlantic as my first option next time I get offered work as a consultant or contractor. I would gladly have Sanjay as my representative again, as he did a truly fantastic job and went above and beyond so many times.

Federico Sutter