Guidance on employing refugees and asylum seekers | Atlantic UmbrellaAtlantic Umbrella
5 October 2015, Comments 0
With the present crisis within Syria and the pending influx of migrants into Europe, how can employers tap into this new, often highly skilled resource? The UK Border Agency recently issued new guidance highlighting the difference in status between refugees and other foreign nationals in the UK. Often the Home Office documentation is overlooked because employers are not aware of the differences and are therefore put off from hiring these talented workers; however, the process in some circumstances is as easy as employing a UK citizen. Employing migrants is not a way of sourcing cheap or slave labour as they are afforded the same protection as British workers. ACAS has provided guides to assist employers wishing to take on migrants. The details are on the ACAS website. As an Umbrella company we can ensure your entire workforce remain compliant and flexible. For further information please contact us.