IPSE challenges recruiters over tripling contractors’ pre-screening time | Atlantic UmbrellaAtlantic Umbrella
3 October 2014, Comments 0
Umbrella Company Employees and other independent professionals seeking new contracting opportunities might have noticed a change in the recruitment process recently, as the average pre-employment screening process for freelancers has become a lot longer. The screening process has become three times longer, in fact, according to the CEO of the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE). Addressing the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham on 1st October, Chris Bryce told attendees that IPSE had discerned an increasing trend amongst recruiters to implement more convoluted screening measures. As Mr Bryce put it, a process that once took just one week is now taking three weeks on average. DeeDee Doke, a journalist from Recruiter magazine, asked Mr Bryce what he believed lay behind this new development. Mr Bryce does not think that extended and increasingly complex screening has come at the behest of employers; instead, he believes that recruitment agencies are offering considerably more intensive screening procedures to raise their competitive edge in the battle “to get a client’s business”. Mr Bryce clearly disapproves of the development, telling his audience that recruiters would support freelancers and contractors far more effectively by completing “speedy pre-employment screenings”. Mr Bryce went on lay out several other measures that would benefit both clients and the professional contractors they wish to hire. These included:
  • Clear, solid contracts.
  • Quick starts.
  • Prompt payments.
With 22,000 members to its name, IPSE (recently rebranded from PCG ‒ the Professional Contractors Group) is no longer a voice that can easily be ignored. Whether recruiters will take heed of Mr Bryce’s observations remains to be seen; however, his observations may prove difficult to dismiss.